The ultimate buying guide for Spin bikes

There are different types of exercise bikes available in the market for a long time. However, most of them look similar, though they all function differently. Nowadays, spin bikes are on trend. Spin bikes are completely different from stationary bicycles.

What are Spin Bikes?

Spin bikes are an easy hassle free way to exercise at home. Working out on spin bikes is a great cardiovascular exercise. People spend so much money in the gym for spin bike exercise. Some save their money and buy one for home and enjoy spinning anytime they like. It will help you tone your muscles and burn calories at an affordable price. You can easily buy spin cycle from any online retailers. The spin bike has many adjustable options. You can adjust the height of handlebars and the seat. The spin bike has a similar seat like road bikes. It has got heavy flywheels which is the advantage of this bike. The weighted flywheels help in easy pedaling. Many users find this bike worthy as they lost weight in few weeks of usage. Athletes love this bike as it helps to tone up their problematic areas. The bike helps you in building stamina and also strengthens your lower body.

Features on Spin Bike:

• There is a variety of spin bikes models with various features.
• The advanced feature of the spin bike has a display console; it allows you to monitor your fitness data like calories burned, a number of strokes with the pedal.
• Advanced models also come with different amenities.
• Spin bikes can accommodate up to 350 pounds of weight.
• It allows you to adjust resistance using a knob; changing resistance will give you an experience like changing gears.

Guide to buy a Spin Bike

First and foremost, make a decision what kind of spin bike you want to buy. There are a variety of spin bikes available in the market and every bike has a difference. Let’s just take a look at the differences:
• Flywheel: Spin bikes come with different flywheel weight. Bikes with flywheel weight 44 and 48lbs are apt for home use.
• Resistance: When you are buying an advance model consider this. Bikes have the following resistance manual screw, cable, electromagnetic and magnetic.
• Display screen: Mostly, this feature comes in advance model, but it is very helpful as it shows your fitness data.
• Brakes: Spin bikes are equipped with brake pads and magnetic brakes and their performance is good.

Before buy just consider your devotion towards using it then decide the model according to the time availability. If you have less time go for a cheaper model.
Set your budget. How much are you willing to spend? You need to decide before selecting a model. However, consider your health before your pocket allowance. If you will spend on a good bike it may later pay you with a good health in return.
Spin bikes use a chain drive or belt drive to connect the pedal to the flywheel. Chain drive is similar to the outdoor bikes and needs the same maintenance whereas belt drive is hard rubber belt.

While selecting your bike it is important to consider all the above points. To buys, the best bike makes up your mind considering the time you have got to use it. Spend according to your needs. The product you are buying should fit your needs and budget.